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5.8 Magnitude Earthquake 1st June 2017 Uttarakhand Delhi Noida

Latest breaking earthquake news + earthquakes today, no casualties reported yet  A moderate intensity earthquake measuring 5.8 on Richter Scale struck mountainous region of Uttarakhand late on Monday and tremors were felt in Delhi and noida earthquake other parts of northern India. Tremors that lasted for nearly 30 seconds  more »

Ravan dahan, how Indias celebrating Dussehra

Ravan dahan, how India's celebrating Dussehra

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Ganesh Puja by St. Thomas school childrens

सेंट  थॉमस  स्कूल के बच्चों के द्वारा गणेश पूजा पर भविय नित्रय का आयोजन किया गया जिस से बचाओ की प्रतिभा का प्रदर्शन किया और श्री रामलीला समिति ट्रांस हिंडन के चेयरमैन ने कहा की इस तरह के प्रोग्राम करा कर बचाओ की  प्रतिभा निखरती हे और more »

India hits Pakistan terror launchpads in surgical strikes along LoC

India conducted surgical strikes last night along the LoC to safeguard our nation, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. Significant casualties have more »
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Earthquake felt in Noida & near by

Tremors were felt in Noida and the adjoining NCR region. The earthquake occured at about 1.43 am.




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Amity International School Team Wins NASA Space Settlement Design Contest

A team of students from the Amity International School here has won the prestigious 20th Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition, 2015, held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

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Ekal Vidyalaya’s Phenomenal Fund-Raising Success in 2016

As India is emerging as an economic power on the world stage, there is another contrarian reality by its side which is quite unsettling. more

Swatantryaveer Savarkar – Iconic Revolutionary's Honor Restored at 'Andaman' By PM Modi

On May 28' 2016 when India was still celebrating another successful year of Hon. PM Modi's ever progressive administration more

Sarva Mangal Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike

Religion :

भगवती का सातवाँ रूप कालरात्रि है जिससे सब जड़-चेतन मृत्यु को प्राप्त होते हैं। मृत्यु के समय प्राणियों को इस स्वरूप का अनुभव होता है। काल का भी नाश कर देने वाली कालरात्रि भूत-प्रेत, ग्रह बाधा और दुष्टों का नाश करने वाली है। इस दिन व्रती को चाहिए कि वह माता  को गुड का भोग लगाए जिससे अचानक आने वाले संकटों व शत्रुओं पर विजय प्राप्त होती है।

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Know how to prayer & make Maa Durga Happy this Navratri

Religion :

नवरात्रि का पर्व नज़दीक आ रहा है। दुर्गा सपत्शती में लिखा है कि जब असुरों का अत्याचार बढ़ने लगा और देवताओं ने माता दुर्गा से उन्हें प्रसन्न करने का उपाय पूछा तो देवी ने उन्हें चैत्र तथा अश्विन शुक्ल पक्ष की प्रतिपदा तिथि से दशमी तिथि तक देवी के पूजन और व्रत का विधान बताया। उस दिन से ही नवरात्रि उत्सव मनाने की परंपरा का प्रचलन हुआ। इस बार अश्विन मास में नवरात्रि का पर्व 13 अक्टूबर से प्रारम्भ होगा और 22 अक्टूबर दशमी तिथि तक मनाया जाएगा। जानें कैसे करें इस बार नवरात्रि में माता को प्रसन्न।

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Happy Birthday Dear PM: 5 things you did not know about Modi

Social :

As our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 65 on Thursday, celebrations are underway across the country to wish him in unique and special ways. While politicians from India and abroad greeted him on his 65th birthday, children in a school in Siliguri dressed up as Narendra Modi to wish the PM.

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Birth of Ganesha-Indian Mythological sources stress the..

As an apt choice we have chosen the story of Lord Ganesha.Indian Mythological sources stress the need for recitation of the name of Lord Ganesh more

A way created by Mahabali Bhima, where live Shri Hanumaan

पांडवों को जब कौरवों की सेना घेर लिया तो महाबली भीम ने पहाड़ में गदा मारकर रास्ता बनाया। तभी यह स्थान पांडुपोल के नाम जाने लगा है। पांडुपोल अलवर जिले का प्रधान तीर्थ हैं।



India edge Bangladesh to win last-over thriller

I don't want to say everything. The discussions was what length to bowl. I knew once the 20 over starts I had the luxury of time and wouldn't have been fined. At times you look to finish it with a big shot- Dhoni

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England survive collapse to sink Afghanistan

Former champions England survived a dramatic batting collapse to beat Afghanistan by 15 runs in a World Twenty20 Group One match on Wednesday and boost their semi-final hopes with a second successive victory.

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India vs Australia: visitors take 1-0 lead in Twenty20 series

Youngster Jasprit Bumrah was the star man with the ball after picking three wickets to dent the Australian chase who were set a target of 189 runs from 20 overs. India won the match by 37 runs to draw first blood in the 3-match T20 series.

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Sourav Ganguly sacrificed his opening spot for me: Virender Sehwag

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag spoke his heart out after hanging his boots from the international cricket, thanking all his fans and players who supported him during his 16-year long career.

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Poonam Panday Facebook Account Deactivated by Facebook,
From Pizza eating til Bedroom, Poonam use to update every status , she is given shock from Facebook as they have deactivated her account. Her fans... more »
Bollywood Celebrity Couples About to Get Married
Hottest Bollywood Celebrity Couples Who Are About to Get Married. The year 2013 was a special one for Bollywood, since some of the... more »
Amitabh,Salman,Priyanka, Sunny & Other Celebrity Tweets
Amitabh,Salman,Priyanka, Sunny & Other Bollywood Celebrity Tweets. We are celebrating the 68 th year of Independence today.... .. more »
Shah Rukh response to Salman Khans invitation

Politician Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party held a few weeks back brought arch rivals Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan together under the same roof after

.. more »
6 best mid-range smartphones in India
6 best mid-range smartphones in India, If you want a phone that offers high-end camera quality you have several options & we made a pick on few for... .. more »
Samsung launches smartphone with curved screen
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday launched the world's first smartphone with a curved display, a variant of the Galaxy Note which moves the .. more »
BlackBerry 9720 launched in India at Rs 15,990
BlackBerry on Thursday announced the launch of its new social BlackBerry 9720 smartphone in India, priced at Rs 15,990. The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone .. more »
Google launches Impact Challenge to celebrate I-Day
Ahead of India's Independence Day celebrations this week, Google announced to launch "Google Impact Challenge in India," inviting Indian nonprofits .. more »
Remapping India: New States Political Origins.
Remapping India: New States and their Political Origins: Louise Tillin; Oxford University Press India Pvt. Ltd., YMCA Library Building, 1 Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 850. .. more »
Schwarzenegger releases memoir at book fair
Arnold Schwarzenegger leant muscle to the Frankfurt Book Fair Wednesday, mixing with bookworms, literary figures, hi-tech experts and fans to present .. more »
China author to release new book after Nobel win
A new collection of plays by Mo Yan will be released next week following the Chinese author's Nobel Literature Prize success, a report said, citing .. more »
South Korea lifts ban on French erotic novel by de Sade
South Korea has lifted a ban on the erotic novel "The 120 Days of Sodom" by the 18th-century French nobleman and writer the Marquis de Sade, just .. more »
Shri Amarnath JI

Behind the discovery of the Holy Shrine lies an interesting story. Centuries ago Maa Parvati asked Shivji to let her know why and when he started wearing the beads of heads (Mund Mala), to which Bhole Shankar replied, “whenever you are born I add more heads to my bead”. Parvati said, “I die again and again, but you are Immortal. Please tell me the r .. more »

The Somnath temple is dedicated to Someshwara,
The Somnath temple is dedicated to Someshwara, another name of Lord Shiva with moon on his head. The temple is situated in Saurashtra. .. more »
Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine is one of the oldest shrine of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill .. more »
Kedarnath Dham Yatra
Kedarnath is one of the most sacred pilgrimages of Lord Shiva situated in Rudraprayag district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. Kedarnath is one of .. more »
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